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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Behind and late pocket option - that seems to be the theme the past couple of weeks. Lots of great stuff happening, just not in my craft room!

Had a chance to get in some sewing last weekend when I got home for Do. Good Stitches Peace group. This is my first time doing the strip technique and while it's easy, it's a little time consuming with cutting and ironing.

Pattern is by Don't Call Me Betsy - String Heart Block

Looking forward to a sew day at a friends house this weekend. Crossing my fingers that I have something to share with you next week!

This post series is inspired by Freshly Pieced and linked up over there pocket option broker
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Entryway Repaint | Jamaican Aqua

It was time to make some changes in the Entryway https://pocketoption.web.tr , I had been wanting to repaint for a couple of years. As I posted before I went with Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore and I am loving it now!

Then it was time to swap some furniture around and really try to open up this space. The red half table has been in the TV room and now has a perfect place in the entryway. 

The next task was to purge some of the books and hide them in magazine files [IKEA Kassett] giving it a more clean look. 

Here is a view from the entryway to my office - doors closed because it's a disaster area!

Still to do in this area...
  • Rug - hopefully coming this week
  • art work decisions

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Weekend

Busy weekend ahead with friends and family - it feels good to have the entry way done for the most part. Just waiting on a few things to come in.
  • Friday night dinner & movie - BBQ and Gerard Butler
  • Saturday sew time and pizza from a real pizza oven 
  • Sunday is family time and getting ready for some girl time down in AZ

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Nothing is happening on the WIP list - except for me deciding that the entryway needed to be painted. Not only is this our entry way but it's also an extension of my office. It has all of my crafting books, inspiration and it's where I iron.

I decided on Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore - I was a little hesitant because I didn't want too much color but I did want to brighten up the space. So far I am pretty happy with it. New area rug is ordered [Nirvana by Shaw area rugs] and deciding on a hanging pendent for one of the corners.

It's almost there - working on a few of my W's, most of the books are in magazine files [from Ikea], pictures are being hung...

Can you find Amos? 

Will do a full post on all the progress and organization - Leaving for a quick trip next week to see some girlfriends and find some warm sun. So all of this needs to be DONE...stay tuned!

This post series is inspired by Freshly Pieced and linked up over there! 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Joining a few others in WIP Wednesday - I will try to post all my WIPs, UFOs, Stash busters, stash builders [weak moment] and all kinds of projects. There may be some cross over to Weekend To-Do but remember how much I LOVE lists!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but loved cleaning and purging out the office/craft room. I moved a ton of my scrapbooking paper to my mom's craft room. Since I have not touched the stuff! Made more room in my shelves and trying out a new way to fold fabric using comic book boards. More on this later since I am still testing it all out.

Drawstring bags are done - lots and lots of cording! Now we are well stocked for gift giving.

In my weekend clean up I found my African fabrics - some of which I collected when I traveled there 14 years ago. Last year I was thrilled to find more fabrics at one of the Portland quilt shows - the plan was to do a quilt but this fabric is pretty stiff... so now I am off to tackle Amy Butlers Weekender Bag using the quilt as you go [QAYG] method. After seeing this one by One Shabby Chick, this one by Oh Fransson! and this one by Hey Porkchop with some great tips! Especially recommending that you buy your piping instead of making it.

I am going to be using my new to me industrial Juki - hoping is warms up a little so I don't freeze in the garage! I have a little set up out there complete with ironing station and carpet floor tiles.

My next project that I have been working are those bell bottom pants for my niece. She needs these for her tap performance in Mid Summers Night Dream. Not sure how the pants fit into this theme?? Anywho let's just say I am not good at making adjustments, she is so tiny that if I go by her measurements on the pattern she would be a 3T in the waist size 5 in length and size 7 in the hips. So the first pair I tried just were too big [vintage pattern] - going to convert that into a skirt for her. I am hoping that this Whitney Pants pattern by Viollette Fields is going to work out better.

They came together fairly quickly given this was the first time I had ever done box pleats. I was pretty happy with them and now want to do a skirt for myself! We will do a fitting this weekend so I can adjust the side seams.

This post series is inspired by Freshly Pieced and linked up over there! 
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nail Art by Emi | Midori Lashes & Skin Care

I am usually a pretty neutral gal when it comes to my manicures - Essie Mademoiselle is my go to. Occasionally I will sport a mint green or black but only on occasion. Mostly because I am hard on my nails and can't stand chipping!

When Midori told me that she was going to be offering nail art I jumped at the chance to sit down with Emi! I have always been impressed with what people can do with their nails - pinning nail art on Pinterest, trying to figure out when would be a good time to try something out other than my clear pink.

Once my appointment was set up I started to get an idea of what I wanted - something with color and a little sparkle. I browsed through Emi's nail magazines from Japan and was a little distracted from all the fancy out of this world designs - realizing also that pointy is the new fashion in nail shape. Not just long and round, we are talking pointy!

I found a design that gave me color and sparkle - color blocking using turquoise, pink, coral and sparkle white. [I am not the best nail model since my fingers are VERY stubby.] She uses a gel product and after three days no chips. The only thing that I have to get used to is the color on my fingers!
photo by Midori | Nails by Emi
Emi is wonderful - she hails from the homeland of Japan via New York and splits her time between Portland and LA. I highly recommend her and before long she will be booked up! In fact, I am already planning my next design... sparkle tips, ombre, maybe some cross stitch...so much fun!

If you are in the Portland area you can contact Emi @ Midori Lashes & Skin Care [5 0 3 2 8 2 2 7 7 7]to make an appointment and for more information go to their website. This is a great idea for special occasions - I think this would make a great bridesmaid gift or mother of the bride/groom gift. A little something special without standing out too much.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

With Google Reader going away I am switching over to Bloglovin' - follow me over here!

I just started using Bloglovin' so I don't know much about it. Here is what I like so far:
  • iPhone app - so far I am lovin' this app because you can quickly view your unread blogs on your iPhone. The format is great and easy to navigate! Download the app
  • LOVE that on both the mobile app and desktop that it shows a photo - definitely makes me want to click on it and read more!
  • OR you can set it up to receive a daily digest email once a day of all the updated blogs
  • You can create groups of blogs -I have already started to group my blogs...
  •  I connected my Facebook page so when I update my blog it pushes it to Facebook 
  • Importing over from Google Reader was REALLY easy

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