Saturday, March 16, 2013


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

With Google Reader going away I am switching over to Bloglovin' - follow me over here!

I just started using Bloglovin' so I don't know much about it. Here is what I like so far:
  • iPhone app - so far I am lovin' this app because you can quickly view your unread blogs on your iPhone. The format is great and easy to navigate! Download the app here
  • LOVE that on both the mobile app and desktop that it shows a photo - definitely makes me want to click on it and read more!
  • OR you can set it up to receive a daily digest email once a day of all the updated blogs
  • You can create groups of blogs -I have already started to group my blogs...
  •  I connected my Facebook page so when I update my blog it pushes it to Facebook 
  • Importing over from Google Reader was REALLY easy


  1. I've transferred over but not keen on it. It said thet had anapp for iPad - not! But atleast icanseewhats been posted lately even if i can't sort into folders. Hopefuly someone will come up to something close toreader.

    1. Hey Gail you might want to try out Feedly - it looks more like Google Reader and they have an iPad app.


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